Set up in 2011, the APPG aims to engage with Government and Parliament to support all aspects of boxing – leisure, amateur and professional. The APPG played an active media role during the 2012 Olympics, and throughout the 2010 – 2015 Parliament.

The APPG aims to set out the benefits of boxing to both individual participants and the wider benefits to society; to raise the profile of boxing and investigate ways to reduce barriers to participation; to examine, promote and enhance the potential of boxing to act as a means of positive social change and development

The APPG works across government departments, including with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the Ministry of Justice, the Department for Education, the Home Office, and the Department for Health. The APPG aims to provide a platform for parliamentarians and interested stakeholders to work to reduce the barriers to participation in boxing, celebrate the success of our nation’s boxers, and highlight and advance the potential for boxing to tackle urgent social needs - from health interventions to tackling antisocial behaviour, crime and gang-crime, extremism and radicalisation in the UK.  

Building on the success of our 2015 report “Boxing – the Right Hook”, during the next 12 months the APPG will be holding regular meetings and events when Parliament is sitting. 

There is still so much to do to demonstrate the benefits of boxing to Government, decision-makers and wider society, our activity programme will be focusing on three main themes:

  1. What’s going on and how well does it work? A large project to collate, in one place, what is going on in boxing clubs across the country, and, where data exists, what their impact is. This can be used to inform MPs of what’s happening in their constituency.
  2. Boxing Good News: Celebrating the “good news” stories in professional and amateur boxing by hosting events in Parliament and encouraging supportive Parliamentarians to lead debates to build profile and awareness.
  3. Supporting struggling clubs: Focussing on finding mechanisms to help struggling clubs to access funding. Expectations should be kept realistic as the Group does not have access itself to vast funds to distribute, but can help by furthering support for clubs on funding applications; engaging local MPs (as above) and other awareness raising.

Please feel free to read our programme and timetable of work for 2018 here. The document sets out our agenda for the year ahead and the work we will be looking to do over the coming year.

A list of the Group’s officers can be found on the official entry in the register of all-party groups, which can be viewed here.

The financial statement for the APPG on Boxing for the year 2017-18 can be accessed here.